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Bruxism is the medical term for a commonly observed parafunctional behavior that includes both clenching and grinding of the teeth, usually as a subconscious act, or during sleep (called “nocturnal bruxism”). Dental care providers often refer to patients experiencing bruxism as “bruxers.”


The majority of individuals who brux are unaware of their habit, and cannot identify its occurrence even when asked to monitor themselves at home. Bruxism is commonly identified by symptoms, or by tell-tale wear marks that a dental professional can see on the patient’s teeth.

Bruxism produces two primary adverse effects:

  • Severely damaged teeth. Years of bruxism will always produce wear on the teeth that will eventually result in a collapsed bite (which can contribute to jaw pain – See our section on TMJ Treatments.), broken fillings, sensitive teeth, or cracked and broken teeth.
  • Temporomandibular Disorder. Most bruxers will eventually cause injury to the jaw joints located on either side of the face, or to the muscles that operate the jaw, called the muscles of mastication. This complex musculo-skeletal disorder is painful and often difficult to completely fix. See our section on TMJ Treatment.

Early Intervention

If detected before substantial damage has occurred, or prior to the onset of symptoms, the adverse effects of bruxism can usually be prevented or substantially reduced through the nightly wearing of a removable oral appliance known as an occlusal guard. See our section on TMJ Treatment.

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