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Osborne Family Dental kids dental service in North Canton, Ohio
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Dental Services

Osborne Family DentalAt Osborne Family Dental, we provide a wide range of care that treats a diverse set of patient types. Always strong advocates for wellness care, we provide routine preventive treatment through our excellent dental hygienists. Routine cleanings and checkups are performed thoroughly with an emphasis on early detection and treatment of dental problems. We carefully screen all our patients regularly for signs of gum disease (called periodontal disease), and provide basic periodontal treatments in our office.

We perform oral cancer screenings during routine visits due to the rise of the human papilloma virus in younger adults and higher incidence of oral cancer in the general population.

dental-servicesIf problems with your teeth or gums are detected, our exceptional staff will provide high quality services delivered in a caring style using pain-free techniques. Simple tooth decay is treated with white filling materials carefully matched to the shade of your existing teeth. More advanced problems? Dr. Osborne has a reputation for superb crown and bridge treatments that meet the premier standard in cosmetics.

Our patients also receive beautiful cosmetic restoration of implant-supported tooth replacements in conjunction with only the best implant specialists in Stark County.

In the vast majority of cases, we perform endodontic care (root canal treatment) without referral to a specialist. Root canals are always performed using pain free techniques.

Our practice has become a local leader in the ground-breaking oral appliance treatment of mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea. This mode of therapy is showing great promise as an effective treatment alternative in some cases to the cumbersome CPAP machine. In conjunction with your physician or sleep specialist, we fabricate the custom made oral appliance and conduct simple home sleep studies to monitor its effectiveness.

We screen for and provide basic therapy for a wide range of jaw joint disorders that fall under the general term temporomandibular disorder.


Tooth whitening is popular among our patients. We provide careful assistance in patient-controlled, at-home whitening systems that have proven to be the single most effective manner of achieving the best results with maximum comfort.

Our insistence on providing only those services at which we are truly excellent means we cannot possibly do everything. So whether it is orthodontic care, implant placement, periodontal or endodontic surgery, or help providing complex care to extremely young or apprehensive children, we carefully select only the area’s best specialists to entrust with your care. When referred to another provider, our office maintains a high level of communication with the specialist to ensure smooth and thorough treatment.

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