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Philosophy Of Treatment

  • To provide treatment in a manner and in an environment that provides a positive, pleasant experience, empowering our patients to embrace positive lifestyle behaviors such as good dental hygiene, regular dental check-ups, early disease detection, and prompt treatment.
  • To detect and treat disease as early as possible thus providing the most conservative therapies.
  • To encourage effective disease prevention and control through a regular recare regimen.
  • To raise the dental knowledge and understanding of our patients through education.
  • To respect the patient’s right as the primary decision-maker with regard to his or her dental care, while insisting that their decisions be informed decisions made with all the pertinent information placed at their disposal.
  • To present to patients the available options of treatment with the advantages, disadvantages and costs of each option, allowing the patient to choose the option he or she most favors. Treatments that fall below the minimum standard of care will not be offered.
  • To recommend treatment options that are the best for the patient’s dental and physical health, without regard to his or her perceived level of income. Financial considerations often play a role in a patient’s decisions regarding dental treatment. While we respect these realities, we are committed to counseling patients regarding the central role dental health plays in one’s overall physical well-being and quality of life. It is central to our philosophy of dental care that good dental treatment produces real-life benefits that are worth paying for. Accordingly, financial consultation and reasonably accurate pre-treatment cost estimates are an important service to our patients.
  • To practice an unwavering commitment to our own ongoing education as dental care providers.
  • To deliver high quality care. We believe resolutely in the importance of delivering a quality product. Any factors tending to lower the quality of our product should be resisted or eliminated.
  • To limit practice to those services at which we have achieved true excellence.
  • To incorporate advanced technologies and newer treatment methods.
  • To resist conditions which permit dental benefit providers or other parties to impose lower quality treatment standards on patients who desire to entertain all options available.
  • To establish lasting relationships with an ever-expanding family of patients who trust us, value us, and feel well cared for.

Robert K. Osborne, D.D.S. & Associates, Inc. Developed and endorsed by our staff May, 2011.

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