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Early Disease Detection

It’s often been said, “If you’re not a fan of having dental treatment performed on you, the best thing to do is see the dentist for routine checkups as much as you can.” That’s because dentistry is always easiest to treat when it’s detected early. And it’s a fact that when tooth decay or gum disease is first detectable to a professional, you will most likely have no idea it’s there at all.

Early Dental Disease DetectionSurprisingly, advanced gum disease and large cavities often cause no symptoms. Often by the time the symptoms have begun, the problem is now well advanced, and more expensive and time-consuming to treat. So relying on your own ability to “self-diagnose” is very unwise. Such practice leads to far more elaborate and expensive treatment needs that are less conservative and associated with more variable treatment outcomes.

In the case of oral cancer, a dentist just might discover something that you’ll never be able to see looking into your bathroom mirror. In this case, a missed visit to the dentist can well mean the difference between life and death.

The recent “Great Recession” has thrown considerable light on this truth as large sections of the public sought to reduce their family dental bill by forgoing regular dental visits. An article in the February 9th, 2009 issue of Time magazine noted how families had their annual dental expenses increase as they delayed seeking care until symptoms forced their hand.

At Osborne Family Dental, we emphasize regular preventive care and thorough screening to detect dental problems early when they are most easily treated. We recommend return visits on a schedule that is based upon your personal need as your dental health demands. We take routine radiographs using the most advanced imaging systems that use the lowest levels of radiation exposure available in the industry. Frequent periodontal screenings are performed to monitor changes in the health of your gums, and oral cancer screening is not overlooked as it is in many dental offices.

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